WELD 4.0 Impact


WELD4.0 will have a significant impact across Europe, during and after the project duration:

  • It will add innovation to an existing professional profile, in line with the needs and standards of Industry 4.0.
  • It will assure that the skills and qualification profile changes are done at a European level, with a transnational scope, aligned with the European market needs, and then transferred to the national level.
  • It will allow achieving the European Union's targets and the objectives of the Erasmus + program of increasing the labour market relevance of manufacturing, namely the welding profession, and reducing skills mismatches and shortages, via the updating of welder profile vocational education and training.

WELD4.0 will create added value by:

  • Concentrating on Manufacturing sector and the specific issues, facing them on a national and European basis;
  • Increasing understanding of the existing VET programmes and training methodologies and tools by an initial application across 3 countries in Europe (Germany, UK, Portugal) and subsequent spread to the rest of Europe;
  • Widening the use of innovative training methodologies and ICT tools across our European partners through careful adaptation;
  • Disseminating these findings to wider European VET networks in other Europe countries, including sectors where Manufacturing plays a major role;
  • Increasing the digital, social and cultural competences of VET trainers and teachers, making them better able to deal with any target group, as disadvantaged groups;
  • The use of European tools (like ECVET and EQF) will ensure complete transparency and mobility of the trained personnel across Europe, while boosting qualification transferability.