WELD 4.0 Implementation


WELD 4.0 Pilot Studies

WELD4.0 will focus on the new European Systems for Qualification - EQF and ECVET - targeting in the initial stage 3 countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Portugal

After the successful piloting of the re-designed course in these countries, the new curriculum will then be spread across Europe. Hence, the contents and tools will be tested and developed to assure an horizontal implementation in more countries, informed by feedback from the target groups, experts, policy makers and other regional/ national stakeholders.


WELD 4.0 Game-based Approach

Game-based learning is a new and innovative teaching method that allows learners to explore playfully different parts of a scenario, as a form of learning. Games can be designed in a way that balances learning subjects, such as welding techniques, with different approaches and aspects of playing a game. Such games are typically designed for different ability levels and with the goal of helping the players to retain the information that they learn and apply it to other problem-solving situations.
Game-based learning in VET can also be implemented as a collaboration between learners and educators. This type of game creation enhances the playing experience and can lead to a depth and scope of game that are not available through other types of learning experiences.