WELD 4.0News

  • International Project Conference and Final Partners’ Meeting (Bremen, 24th and 25th October 2019)

    WELD 4.0 project is reaching its conclusion (November 2019) and for that reason an International Project Conference took place in Bremen, hosted by BIBA. [...]

  • Upcoming International Project Conference

    WELD 4.0 is an ERASMUS+ funded project aiming to address industry’s concerns on education and training of qualified personnel to support Industry 4.0 by including innovative ICT technologies and VET methods to the European Welder curriculum programme. [...]

  • 4th Project Meeting – June 27th , 2019

    The 4th Project Meeting of WELD 4.0 was organised by Highskillz (HSZ) and counted with TWI support (Cambridge, United Kingdom), which kindly provided the premises for the occasion. All partners gathered to discuss the main results achieved so far in the project, namely the conclusion of the Updated European Welder Guideline and the Hands-on Seminars. At this regard, two events were carried out to present WELD 4.0 and the ICT Tool developed for training in Welding in Germany and UK. The third event will occur in Portugal. The upcoming activities were also discussed, focusing on the European Recommendation to ensure the use of WELD 4.0 methodology to other sectors from industry, and the next events to be carried out, which will be made known in due time.

  • Hands-On Seminars | Germany, United Kingdom and Portugal

    In the scope of WELD 4.0 project, three Hands-on Seminars were carried out in the following dates: on June 25th at BIBA’s facilities, in Bremen (Germany), on June 26th at TWI’s facilities, in Cambridge (UK) and on July 2nd at ISQ’s facilities, in Porto Salvo (Portugal).
    These events brought together trainers, trainees, researchers and experts from the Industry and Manufacturing sectors who had the chance to know the work done to redefine the European Welder Profile in the context of Industry 4.0 and the ICT tool developed for training in Welding. Overall, participants indicated that the event met their expectations and enabled them to acquire valuable information on welding technologies.

  • Capacity Building – 13th to 15th March 2019 (Bremen, Germany)

    A Capacity Building that gathered welding experts and trainers from Portugal and Germany to discuss the impact that Industry 4.0 has on the European Welder (EW) Qualification was carried out in BIBA facilities, in Bremen, during three days. This event also aimed to provide an introduction to the Learning Outcomes’ Approach and to share best practices on how to incorporate Game-based learning in EW curricula.”

  • 3rd project meeting, 21st and 22nd November 2018

    BIBA was responsible for hosting the 3rd project meeting in Bremen, where have participated the project coordinator Highskillz (United Kingdom), the portuguese Welding Institute – ISQ and the umbrella organisation EWF. [...]

  • Stakeholders involved in a co-creation workshop in Bremen

    The workshop in Germany took place in conjunction with the third WELD4.0 project meeting in Bremen-Germany, in the morning of the 22nd of November 2018. In addition to the project partners [...]

  • Experts define a game-based approach to be used in the training of Welders for Industry 4.0

    During May 16th and 17th the Weld 4.0 project partners from ISQ, BIBA, HSZ together with invited experts in welding (Trainers in European Welder Course and Mechanical Engineers) participated in the 2nd project meeting and in the co-creation workshop. [...]

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    Workshop on skills needs for Industry 4.0, 20th December 2017

    In the framework of Weld 4.0 kick-off meeting, the project consortium invited experts from the Welding field, mostly trainers, to discuss and reflect about the impact of the new industrial revolution, including Information and communication technology (ICT) and digitisation, on the European Welder Profile. [...]

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    Kick-off meeting, 19th and 20th December 2017

    The WELD4.0 project is based on the innovative application of previous projects in VET, in order to re-design an existing Qualification Profile and develop a new training approach using Game Based Learning and Serious Gaming. [...]