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In the framework of Weld 4.0 kick-off meeting, the project consortium invited experts from the Welding field, mostly trainers, to discuss and reflect about the impact of the new industrial revolution, including Information and communication technology (ICT) and digitisation, on the European Welder Profile.

Workshop Agenda:

9:30 Welcome ISQ
9:35 WELD 4.0 project introduction ISQ
9:40 European Welder Qualification EWF
9:45 Industry 4.0 & Welding sector EWF
10:15 Think tank - Digital Skills Needs in Welder training (slote 1) All
10:35 Coffee – Break  
10:50 Think tank - Digital Skills Needs in Welder training (slotes 2 to 5) All
12:30 Conclusions presentation All
13:00 Next steps and closing ISQ

Main conclusions from the work session:

  • The added value of industry 4.0 for the welding sector, is related to the possibility of creating welding data, meaning more knowledge about welding process, positions and materials behaviour, thus allowing to avoid mistakes and predict problems.
  • Another added value is related to the possibility of keeping track with the Welders performance using a tool/mechanism that creates a “digital Welder Profile”.
  • The industrial technology evolution, which is emerging in the context of industry 4.0, has implications on the Welder professional activity and working environment.
  • In terms of responsibilities and tasks it is expected from the Welder:
  • Greater knowledge about welding and technology, including how to manage welding parameters, how to identity and predict which aspects of the weld can be improved and to interpret digital icons or app’s; and some knowledge of technical English;
  • Skills to use and interpret a WPS; to use a welding machine and to introduce welding parameters; skills to explore a terminal or screen, as well as basic ICT skills;
  • Competence when using virtual reality;
  • Among others…