WELD 4.0 Latest News


During May 16th and 17th the Weld 4.0 project partners from ISQ, BIBA, HSZ together with invited experts in welding (Trainers in European Welder Course and Mechanical Engineers) participated in the 2nd project meeting and in the co-creation workshop.

The project meeting focused on concluding the results achieved during the needs analysis phase (where were identified the welders required digital skills in the context of industry 4.0), and to discuss and define next actions for the upcoming results (IO2 – Update of European Welder Guideline + IO3 – Development of ICT game-based training tool).

At the same time the workshop objective was to explore the views of subject matter experts on GBL technologies for the needs of welding training. Both, the consortium meeting and the workshop, were hosted by EWF at its headquarters, in Porto-Salvo, Portugal. For the co-creation workshop were invited welding experts, which are familiar with the European welder curriculum, to collaborate in the definition of a game-based approach addressing ICT skills for industry 4.0, which will be used in the training of welders.

The workshop was also a good opportunity for participants to try the WELDZONE game, which was designed to create awareness on the health effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) in welding.