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Stakeholders involved in a co-creation workshop in Bremen, 22nd November 2018

The workshop in Germany took place in conjunction with the third WELD4.0 project meeting in Bremen-Germany, in the morning of the 22nd of November 2018. In addition to the project partners (EWF, ISQ, BIBA and HSZ) representatives, four experts in manufacturing and welding participated in the workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to validate the structure and features of the WELD4.0 solution and also collect feedback on the concepts used. The interactive mock up was presented and described in detail during the workshop and the participants had the opportunity to give their feedback on all its aspects.

The duration of the workshop was 3 hours, structured into two parts: validation of a new competence unit; validation and inputs for the game mock up. See detailed agenda below:

22/11/2018 Co-Creation Workshop Agenda
09 :00 - 09 :10 Introduction to WELD4.0 and workshop context
09 :10 - 09 :45 Part 1: Guideline introduction and feedback
09 :45 - 10 :30 Part 2: WELD4.0 Tool introduction and feedback
10 :30 – 10 :45 Coffee break
10 :45 - 12 :00 Part 3: WELD4.0 tool scenarios creation

Overall, the co-creation workshop was successful, involving participants with appropriate background and expertise. They all participated actively, providing valuable feedbacks and inputs for the WELD4.0 solution and for the new learning module on Industry 4.0