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3rd project meeting, 21st and 22nd November 2018

BIBA was responsible for hosting the 3rd project meeting in Bremen, where have participated the project coordinator Highskillz (United Kingdom), the portuguese Welding Institute – ISQ and the umbrella organisation EWF.

The objective of the reunion was focused on the evaluation of the project progress regarding the update of the European Welder curriculum (intellectual output 2) and the the development of an ICT tool (Intellectual Output 3) in the context of the “4th Industrial Revolution”also known as “Industry 4.0”. During the two days meeting, the consortium took important decisions towards the organisation of the Short-term joint staff training event (C1), which aims at promoting the exchange of good practice within an intercultural learning environment among staff from the partner organisations, as well as to present, test and validate the WELD 4.0 ICT tool.

The meeting was also a good opportunity for partners to discuss the Multiplier Events (E1- E4) organisation, planned to be hold by the summer 2019. The next project meeting will take place in May 2019 in London and will be hosted by HSZ.