WELD 4.0 Objectives


WELD 4.0 project has six main objectives:

  • To re-define the European Welder profile in the context of Industry 4.0, based on new and future job requirements, analyzing needed digital welding skills and competences;

  • Improve the quality of qualification programmes related to welding in terms of transparency and recognition between the European countries (using common EU tools);

  • Promote language learning and linguistic diversity through the provision of multinational pilot training, especially in English, German and Portuguese (languages of the consortium members);

  • Increase transparency of competences and qualifications in the welding sector;

  • Foster the promotion of new learning opportunities, in an easily accessible and career-oriented welding profile;

  • Implement ICT new learning opportunities, via the development of an innovative ICT training solution which may include e.g. Welding Simulators, Game Based Learning, and Serious Gaming.